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160 Summer Fun List IdeasAQUA-2

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Quick and Easy Fourth of July Decorating



There was a day in our history when people actually spent time on Fourth of July decorating. They were homemade but sincere, and represented deep patriotism. I think that patriotism still exists today, and we can celebrate with Fourth of July decorations that are easy to put together and low cost. Here are some excellent ideas to get you started, and take hardly any time at all! Our featured idea, above, is to make patriotic paper chains, by DIY Network.

* Make old fashioned Fourth bunting with fabric and yarn!

June 01, 2017 @ 12:00am

June Is Dairy Month: Facts About Dairy Foods

Celebrate America’s family dairy farms by kicking back with a tall glass of milk and learning some fun facts about dairy foods.

Few things are as refreshing—or nutritious—on a warm summer day as a tall glass of cold milk. With essential nutrients like calcium, potassium and vitamin A, plus protein to help build and repair muscle tissue, milk is a great choice for many active people. Even more exciting are the foods made from milk: a slice of cheese temptingly melted over a grilled hamburger or a dish of ice cream providing the perfect summer dessert. No wonder the dairy industry chose June as the perfect month to celebrate dairy foods and the family dairy farms that produce them.

National Milk Month was established in 1937 by a group of chain stores to promote drinking milk and increase demand at a time when cows were turned out to pasture and milk production was at a peak. It ran from June 10 to July 10, with the original theme of “Keep Youthful—Drink Milk.” The National Dairy Council stepped in to promote the cause in 1939, adjusted the timeframe to encompass the month of June, and renamed the event “June Dairy Month.” In 1955, the American Dairy Association took over the promotion of June Dairy Month, which has developed into an annual celebration of the contributions the dairy industry has made to the

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