We feel it is important to provide our tenants with a comfortable home and living environment. Our Professional Management Staff is dedicated to giving you the quality service you deserve. We have listed some useful information and telephone numbers below to assist you in adjusting to your new home and neighborhood. We hope you enjoy your stay with us and we look forward to serving your apartment home needs!

2892 Mickelson Parkway Suite 100 Fitchburg, WI 53711

Office: (608) 276-9440
Fax: (608) 276-8612

Email Us

After Hours Maintenance Emergency: (608) 283-7863



POLICE: (608) 270-4300
FIRE: (608) 278-2980

Rent checks may be dropped off at our office or placed in the drop box outside the office.

Rent checks payable to:  Seminole Woods, LLC & please include your address in the memo line.

You may also pay rent online for your convenience. Choose Residents from the top drop down menu. Click Pay Rent Online. Login into your tenant portal after receiving your activation link email.

Madison Gas & Electric: (Gas & Electric)

Charter Spectrum: (Phone, Cable TV & Internet)

AT&T: (Phone, Satellite TV & Internet)*

DirectTV: (Satellite TV & Internet)*

Dish Network: (Satellite TV & Internet)*

*Not all apartments have satellite dish signal access


Garbage Disposal:

  • Run cold water before and during disposing of food.
  • Do NOT allow bones, corncobs, lettuce cores, onion skins, uncooked chicken skins, potato skins, celery stalks, flour, or grease to go down the disposal.
  • Sharpen blades periodically by running ice cubes through the disposal.
  • Always try the reset button located at the bottom of the garbage disposal under the sink if the disposal becomes clogged.


  • Use a minimum amount of soap. Using too much may cause over sudsing, which eventually causes the dishwasher to leak.
  • Always rinse dishes before putting them into the dishwasher. Food waste can plug filters and impede water flow.


  • Never flush sanitary items.
  • If toilet becomes clogged, use a plunger to unclog.
  • If toilet overflows, shut-off the water supply. The shut-off valve is located directly behind the toilet.   
  • To report a fire or other emergencies, residents must call 911 directly.

Please follow the Fire Evacuation Plan.

  • Building maintenance is responsible for general maintenance of the fire alarm system and the smoke detectors located in the apartments and common areas of the building.  Do not remove the batteries from the smoke detector for any reason.  It is the responsibility of the residents to report low batteries or any problems with the smoke detectors immediately to maintenance at (608) 276-9440.
  • Fire Extinguishers are located in the common areas of the building.  Properly trained persons should use fire extinguishers.  If you are not trained, do not use them for any reason other than a fire.  Building maintenance is responsible for the fire extinguishers located in the building common areas.  Please report any problems, damage to, or tampering with directly to maintenance at (608) 276-9440.
  •  In general, the most common causes of residential fires are unattended cooking fires, improperly discarded smoking materials, unattended candle fires, and damaged or faulty electrical equipment.  Please use the following safety tips:
  • Never leave cooking unattended, keep your kitchen areas & appliances clean, & keep combustible materials away from the stove & oven.
  • Discard smoking materials in properly designed ashtrays & never throw ashes into the garbage. Use water to cool down ashes and discard them.
  • Never leave candles burning unattended, use non-combustible candleholders, & place candles on a sturdy surface away from combustible materials and out of reach from children and pets.
  • Maintain all your personal electrical equipment and follow the user instructions.
  • Keep matches and lighters away from children.
  • For more general fire safety information, please contact the City of Madison Fire Department’s Community Education Unit at (608) 266-4420.

In the event of a fire emergency, evacuate the building immediately using the following procedure:

  1. Isolate the fire by closing doors behind you as you evacuate the building.
  2. Notify other residents of the fire by using your voice and/or knocking on apartment doors. Activate the internal alarm system, if the apartment complex has a pull station.
  3. Evacuate the building using the primary escape route as shown on the Evacuation Floor Plan. If the primary escape route is unsafe/blocked, use the secondary escape route.
  4. Once safely outside, call 911 using a cell phone or from a neighbor’s phone. Provide the 911 dispatcher with your name, address of the emergency, a phone number where you can be reached, and description of the emergency (e.g., fire in the kitchen of apartment 1C)
    • Give as much information as possible, be prepared to answer questions, & do not hang-up until told to do so by the 911 dispatcher.
  1. Meeting Place: All residents will meet in the grassy area across from the Seminole Woods office, 2892 Mickelson Parkway.  Keep a safe distance from the fire and avoid interfering with the fire department operations.  A head count should be completed by residents and communicated to fire department personnel upon their arrival to the scene.  Include information on the most likely place missing persons may be located.
  • Go into the garage in the basement, away from the garage door.